My primary “want” from Shortcuts, is the same as for HomeKit and other automation systems. I wanna live in my childhoods future, I want to live on the Enterprise!

I want my home and my computer to know what I want, to guess what I need and to clear distractions before they hit me. I want all that without loosing ability to quickly change focus or to wander off on a tangent at any time without my smarthome loosing a beat.

I’ve been listening to Rosemary and MacSparky’s podcast Automators for a long time and their implementation of automation on MacOS, iOS and iPadOS is inspirational.

It was therefore a no-brainer to buy Rosemarys book Take Control of Shortcuts.

The book is divided into five main areas with the following themes

1. What is what in the Shortcuts app
2. How to run shortcuts
3. How to build shortcuts
4. How to install sync and share shortcuts
5. Example shortcuts to get you started

Building the shortcuts along with all the inspiration the examples are providing are definitely where the gold is buried in this book. But if you are an automation/Shortcuts novice the whole book is worth a read cover to cover.

You can check out the book here.

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