While digital streaming services offer unparalleled convenience, there’s a tangible connection to the music when it’s played from a vinyl record. The act of physically putting on the record after contemplating which one to listen to helps to serve as a gentle reminder that music is sometimes more than mindless entertainment.

After procrastinating for what seemed like ages, I finally took the time to display some of my beloved jazz vinyl records. Each frame now houses, not just the album cover, but also a cleverly embedded NFC tag. With just a tap of my iPhone, the music of my musical inspirations flows through the speakers in my home office.

Whether I’m brainstorming ideas or diving into deep work, the soulful background notes of Davis, Evans, Brubeck and Ellington is just a tap away.

Embracing innovation while honouring tradition

In a world where technological advancements are constantly shaping our lives, it’s important to find ways to blend innovation with tradition. By integrating NFC tags with jazz vinyl records, I’ve discovered a harmonious balance between the analog and digital worlds—a reminder that progress should never come at the expense of heritage.

I used NFC tags and a simple Apple Shortcuts automation but when done right technology can feel almost magical.


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