The old saying “The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes” is also applicable for web designers. I’ve been building other people’s online presences for around 17 years, but never really had a fully functional website myself. Until now!

I’m trying to follow my own advice and have more or less separated design and structure. This makes it possible for me to change the design of the site without too much hassle and at the same time gives me a chance to play with structure, external data API and other nerderies.

Share and enjoy

With Social media being pretty much all over the place I felt I needed a “hub” from where I could share thoughts, show off my portfolio  and act as a home for future personal projects.

I will still be using my social media channels, but I will try to collect any long-form og stuff with any longevity on this site. I chose to do the whole site (with a few exceptions) in English mostly because I need to brush off my  English writing which is very rusty 🙈.

What to expect?

While the plan is to write whatever comes to mind, I will most likely hover around subjects such as

Well… here we go!

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