Starting a new web-project

In 1999, playing poker in Denmark was quite a different experience than today. First, we didn’t play online but at a table with cards, chips, and beer (I know that sounds crazy 🙈). Second, without the tradition of casual poker that existed in the US, poker and gambling were very much still illegal in most forms in Denmark back then. We met and played in the backrooms of bars and old farms in the countryside. The stakes varied wildly, and so did the people’s skills around the table.

During the summer of ’99, we decided to start an informal “poker club,” a group of friends meeting up regularly to play low(er)-stakes poker and socialize. While almost everybody else in Denmark moved to tournament poker, we kept our home games alive, although they gradually became a rare occurrence.

Fast forward to today, a few years older but still in need of a third place, we’ve decided to relaunch our informal poker gathering for the 25th anniversary.

Don’t act surprised, this is gonna get nerdy…

I’ve decided to build a website for the club, and it’s gonna comprise two sections:

  • An open website with articles, game variants, and ideas for running old-school home games.
  • A members area where we can nerd out with ratings, calendars, and a ton of other nerdy goodness.

I will be building the main site in WordPress, but I’m contemplating handling our data in an external database so that I can build an iOS members app at some point… Not because we need it, but because I really want to try and make an iPhone App. 🙈🤷🏻‍♂️

You can expect a lot more info when the page is underway. Stay tuned, and if you’re interested in joining us or have any suggestions, feel free to reach out!

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